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Outdoor air purifiers bring cleaner air to metropolitan areas

Many metropolises around the world suffer from high levels of air pollution. The World Health Organization records 4.2 million deaths annually due to air pollution. The main cause is particulate matter, which can penetrate deep into the lungs and trigger disease. Nitrogen dioxide in polluted air aggravates allergies, damages the respiratory system, and can contribute to heart disease.

Our mission is to separate the useful from the harmful, and in this spirit, we have been developing solutions to remove pollutants from air and liquid for over 80 years.

What could be more natural than to bring this expertise to the hearts of polluted urban areas and thus decisively and directly improve quality of life?

This mission led us to the development of the Filter Cubes, which effectively clean the ambient air within cities. For example, the Filter Grids, which can be integrated into advertising displays, work in the same way.

But pollution is not only particularly high on busy roads. Semi-open areas, such as underground stations, extreme pollution can be caused by rail and brake abrasion. In these unique spaces, our Filter Squares can ensure clean air.

The same purpose unites all these product solutions: To treat the air in highly polluted environments so that health hazards are significantly minimized and give people what they need for a healthy life - fresh air.

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