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Only 1.2 % of the world's water is usable for life

97.5 % of the water on our home planet is saltwater; in fact, it is the oceans that make the earth appear so blue from space. But even the remaining 2.5 % of freshwater is not entirely available for our daily lives. Most of it lies as ice in the Arctic, the Antarctic, and the remaining glaciers. This makes it even more important, indeed vital, to deal with the mere 1.2 % that remains as our elixir of life. MANN+HUMMEL Water & Fluid Solutions is the division that is responsible for the careful and sustainable use of this vital resource for humanity.

  • With membrane filter technologies that ensure energy-efficient reprocessing of wastewater in sewage treatment plants.
  • With filtration solutions for companies that can minimize their freshwater needs through reprocessing.
  • With unique solutions for the chlorine-free purification of wastewater streams.

MANN+HUMMEL solutions support public institutions, municipalities, and private sector companies wherever it is necessary to reduce freshwater requirements and recycle wastewater effectively and sustainably.

Do you know?