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MANN+HUMMEL for a cleaner world: Leadership in filtration since 1941

Filtration is everywhere. We filter the air we breathe and the water we drink. Filtration can be found in our cars, refrigerators and even in our showers and coffee machines. Without filtration, there is no baby food, no computers, no medicines. And certainly no clean, safe planet.

Can you imagine a world without filtration? A world where almost nothing is safe? Neither can we.

That's why we at MANN+HUMMEL work every day on filtration solutions for cleaner mobility, cleaner air, cleaner water and cleaner performance & industry. As one of the world's largest filter manufacturers, we want to understand how this world works - and make it a little better every day. Our goal is to protect people, nature, and machines. By using filtration to separate the useful from the harmful.

For more than 80 years, we have stood for leadership in filtration. As a family-owned filter company with German roots, we operate globally at more than 80 locations. For our filtration solutions, we use the combined know-how of our employees, a global research and development network, and the opportunities offered by digitalization. The future is being decided now. That is why today we provide filtration solutions for tomorrow.

80 locations


32 filters

produced per second

4.7 billion €

sales per year

We separate the useful from the harmful

Cleaner Mobility

Cleaner Mobility

The world is constantly changing. For MANN+HUMMEL, "green mobility" means sustainable mobility thanks to fine and brake dust particulate filters, and other technological innovations for a range of vehicles and machines, even for alternative drive systems. This is how we reliably protect the environment, people, and machines from fine dust and other pollutants.

Cleaner Air

In order to fight against the increasing air pollution worldwide, we offer cutting-edge filtration solutions for indoor and outdoor areas. For example, our high-performance air filters provide protection in industry, while air filters for HVAC systems or mobile indoor air purifiers offer protection from fine dust, viruses, bacteria, and other pollutants in the air.

Cleaner Water

For us, access to clean water is a human right. Our portfolio ranges from reverse osmosis to nano-, ultra-, micro- and coarse filtration. Water filtration solutions with cartridge and membrane technologies enable us to solve challenges such as water scarcity and water pollution - for pure water, sustainable industrial- and wastewater treatment.

Cleaner Industry

Motor and industrial filters from MANN+HUMMEL increase machine efficiency and performance. High costs caused by incorrect machine maintenance and downtimes can be prevented - with intelligent filter monitoring, we set standards in predictive maintenance. For industrial processes that run smoothly.

Filtration solutions for every industry and sector

We are ready for whatever tomorrow may bring


Investing in research and development clearly pays off. That's why we rely on our global research and development network and invest in the development of innovative technologies. This is the only way we can remain a pioneer in filtration and inspire our customers by staying ahead of the game. 


Sustainability basically comprises three dimensions: the ecological, the economic and the social. But we at MANN+HUMMEL think that sustainability is much more than that. We firmly believe that the dimension of technology - in our case, filtration solutions - is a key element in achieving greater sustainability.

Digital Transformation

The world is changing, and we are changing with it. We seize the opportunities presented by digitization: We rely on data-driven decisions, expand our products to include digital offerings, standardize our processes according to lean principles, and achieve change management through our digitally versed workforce.

MANN+HUMMEL: Innovations for a sustainable future

Whether from viruses and bacteria, global air and water pollution, or drinking water scarcity, as a filter specialist, we face all current and future challenges. We take our responsibility seriously. Because we believe in filtration as a key technology for more sustainability on the way to a cleaner planet.

We rely on the experience and ingenuity of the people who work at MANN+HUMMEL - and combine them with new ideas to develop innovative filter technology and smart filter systems. This is what makes us the technology and innovation leader. Since 1941, we have been driven by inventive spirit and curiosity when it comes to creating individual and tailor-made solutions together with customers as a development partner.

To continuously create innovative ideas and achieve optimal results, we rely on our global network of researchers, universities and scientific institutions. Our laboratory and development facilities are unmatched, our quality standards unparalleled. We seize the opportunities offered by digital transformation: Digital customer touchpoints enable us to make data-driven decisions from an outside-in perspective. Every day, digitized processes and short communication channels unleash the research and development potential of our MANN+HUMMEL teams at more than 80 locations worldwide - for efficient, economical and sustainable high-performance filters that set the standards today for tomorrow. Innovations and digital ventures will continue to make us a leader in filtration in the future.

Revolutionizing the world of filtration since 1941

Our mission: Separate the useful from the harmful

About us

When it comes to cleaner mobility, cleaner air, or cleaner water, there is no “mine” or “yours” approach. There is only “ours.” The world we live in, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the ground we walk upon has always been common ground. 

Reliable partner for more than 80 years


Be it at the airport, in the operating room or in the car - MANN+HUMMEL products are used in a wide variety of applications and areas. As filtration specialist and experienced project partner we can look back on many years of successful projects.

Everyone has talent


Having the right people on board with us is one of our major criteria for success. Identifying and developing talent, empowering our colleagues to do an excellent job is one of the goals that drive us - everyday.

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