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A modular kit for each application

High-voltage batteries in electric vehicles require reliable protection against water, dust and pressure fluctuations. A number of years ago MANN+HUMMEL developed reliable venting units for this purpose. Now the VentPlus modular kit offers the right solution for each electric drive.

Efficient oil filters for hydraulic applications

Over decades MANN+HUMMEL has constantly set new standards for oil filtration in combustion engines. Now this expertise also enables a longer service life and higher performance for hydraulic applications and machines.

Pressure-side transmission oil filter for passenger cars

The pressure-side transmission oil filter for passenger cars consists of a plastic housing with integrated bypass valve and filter element. The filter is easy to integrate and offers maximum separation efficiency with optimum use of limited installation space.

Suction-side transmission oil filter for passenger cars

The suction-side transmission oil filters from MANN+HUMMEL for passenger cars are equipped with the high efficient glass fiber filter media MULTIGRADE O-G 22.1 P and thus reach excellent oil cleanliness levels. With the design as flat filter element a large filter area is implemented for high dust...

A strong connection

New engines have to offer high performance, be robust and clean. A Swedish car manufacturer has opted to use an intake manifold and a cooler unit with inlet and outlet shells from MANN+HUMMEL for its 4 cylinder diesel engines.

Ultra-fine filtration with new fuel filter media

The filtration experts at MANN+HUMMEL have now developed fuel filter media which are even more efficient to meet the future requirements for fuel filtration. In this process, new measuring and testing methods are also used.

Filter status in real time

Automated processes can reduce costs and save time. For this reason MANN+HUMMEL is working on a comprehensive software solution including sensor technology to monitor the filter status and as a result is setting standards when it comes to predictive maintenance.

MANN+HUMMEL at the Filtech 2019

Making the world a little cleaner: At Filtech 2019, MANN+HUMMEL will present the products and solutions with which the company is pursuing this ambitious target. In addition to its standard portfolio for automotive original equipment and retrofitting, MANN+HUMMEL will also be exhibiting...

The finest thing

Higher charge pressures and temperatures are steadily increasing the demands placed on oil separators. MANN+HUMMEL's answer is the SD oil separator. The structured deflection plate of the oil separator reliably separates even the finest oil droplets.

Radial innovation

With its new spin-on oil filter with a plastic flange MANN+HUMMEL has put one and one together and instead of just two has ended up with many advantages.

Separation in fast spin mode

The development of the new centrifugal oil filter ESC 600 (Easy Service Centrifuge) is the response of MANN+HUMMEL to numerous customer requests for a new generation of partial-flow centrifuges for diesel engines which are easy, clean and quick to service.

Emission-free driving

In public debate, the greater part of fine dust emissions found in cities is attributed to road traffic. Measures such as driving bans are continually being considered. Fleet operators are increasingly forced to justify themselves and consider their ecological footprint. In this process, the focal...

Stationary solutions

Many cities around the world suffer from excessive air pollution. Sources such as road traffic and industrial plants cause high concentrations of fine dust and nitrogen dioxide. In Germany and other countries, the violation of limit values, in particular with regard to nitrogen dioxide, is...

New President for Life Sciences & Environment at MANN+HUMMEL

Ludwigsburg/Germany, November 27, 2018 – The Management Board of MANN+HUMMEL has appointed Sean Cromie as President and General Manager Life Sciences & Environment. He will take up his new position with immediate effect.

The world of Senzit
Digital transformation and agile working methods

On the Centennial Campus of North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina scientific pioneers and real-world applications come together. Between the university’s buildings is the North Carolina Innovation Center, here, in MANN+HUMMEL’s innovation lab, the Senzit team is situated.

‘One size fits all’ does not exist with us
Interview with Harald Späth

As Vice President Global Sales Heavy Duty & Industrial, Harald Späth has to meet a wide range of expectations. In an interview he reveals how he manages to integrate all of these, discusses current trends and indicates where he sees potential for growth.

How Change is Changing

Even change changes – a brief nod to the past, a look at the present, and a long, fixed stare at “change” and the “new economy”. Martin Claßen is a business and political science graduate, consultant, author, and freelance editor-in-chief of changement!, the specialist magazine for change...

Where are you a filter?

No matter if it’s bad mood, coffee grounds or spam mail - everyone filters permanently and maybe even without noticing it. If you think about your everyday life, where are you a filter? Catch this moment and share it with us!

The (Waste)Water Cycle

Most likely, not many people have heard of the village of Hünxe in North Rhine-Westphalia. Some 15,000 people live here. And in 2016, precisely 141,437 cubic meters of water were purified for them. This major task falls to the operators of the local sewage treatment plant. Day in, day out, an MBR...

Something in the air

The Hindustan Times issued a gloomy forecast in early 2018, leading with a story that deaths linked to air pollution are expected to triple by 2050. And they know what they’re talking about in India. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the capital city of New Delhi topped the 2015...

Akkus laden zur Revolution
Batteries Charging the Revolution

Monday, March 5, 2018, 9:45 a.m. At the head office of the international filtration specialists MANN+HUMMEL in Ludwigsburg, Dr. Michael Harenbrock, Senior Expert E-Mobility, is waiting for his taxi. He’s on his way to a conference taking place over the next few days in Berlin. A black car drives up...

CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree
MANN+HUMMEL named as CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree

New York, NY, January 9, 2017 – MANN+HUMMEL today announced that it has been named a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree for Senzit, the world's first smart air filter monitor.

Bionic filters
Inspired by nature

Aviation based on the principles of bird flight, fasteners based on the claw of the tiger, and Velcro products based on how burs cling on are impressive examples of technical innovations which were inspired by nature. The researchers at MANN+HUMMEL also draw on nature to make their products more...

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) Lab of MANN+HUMMEL which was opened in October 2016 is located in the heart of the vibrant metropolis of Singapore. The focus of the team's daily work is the future-oriented development of intelligent, networked solutions in the area of filtration.

Water separation in three stages

Water in fuel can seriously damage the components of the diesel injection system in engines. MANN+HUMMEL has found the answer: three-stage water separation which successful retains even the smallest droplets.

Helping shape the future

MANN+HUMMEL is able to use its decades of experience in the area of filtration to meet the requirements for electric mobility. This is because also here it's all about separating the harmful from the useful. We do that partly with established products and partly with future-oriented new products....

The filters are becoming more individual
Interview with Dr. Martin Lehmann

Dr. Martin Lehmann is Vice President Product Champion Air Filtration. In an interview, he provides an insight on how MANN+HUMMEL is driving the holistic development of air filtration and what the air cleaners of the future will look like.

Excellent teamwork

6:00 AM in Gostyn. It’s time for the next shift at MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology’s Polish site. The plant has only been part of MANN+HUMMEL for a few months and is thus involved on the global project to integrate 4,500 new employees following the biggest transaction in the company’s history. The...

Intelligent cabin filters
Interview with Martin Klein

Around the world people are increasingly suffering from air pollution. In an interview Martin Klein, Vice Pre­si­dent for Cabin Air Fil­tra­ti­on, talks about the fil­ter­ me­dia of the future and intel­li­gen­t cabin filter ­sys­te­ms for elec­tric vehicles.

Young leaders at MANN+HUMMEL

Early on in their careers Martin Walter and Fua Nipah gained experience as managers at an international level. Here the two Vice Presidents talk about intercultural challenges, management style and teamwork.

Sound matters

Lower displacement, fewer cylinders – the downsizing of engines has led to the powerful engine sound being lost. Thanks to sound modules from MANN+HUMMEL, drivers are once again able to hear this sound.

Microplastics and multi-resistant germs
The invisible danger

Micropollutants, multi-resistant germs and microplastics in treated waste water represent a danger for people and the environment. MANN+HUMMEL and its subsidiary MICRODYN-NADIR are meeting this challenge with modern membrane technology. A pilot project is showing the first results.

Modern simulation methods
This is how we develop new filter media

Finer, with a higher performance and always better: the engineers at MANN+HUMMEL use modern simulation methods to develop new filter media. This enables us to improve filtration performance for many varied applications and requirements.

Particulate filter in a motorcycle helmet
Drive and breathe safely

The roads of the mega-city of Mumbai are packed with thousands of scooters and motorcycles. MANN+HUMMEL developed a new particulate filter in India specially for use with a motorcycle helmet that protects the rider against the high level of pollution on the roads.

United we play, united we win

1:00 p.m. Central European Time. In Gostyn, Poland, employees at MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology (MHFT) are returning from their lunch break. At the same time, Keith Wilson, President of MHFT on the other side of the Atlantic in Gastonia, North Carolina (U.S.), is getting ready for his first...

Company history

The first products were fabric air filters made in Ludwigsburg. Today, after more than seven decades, we are the global market leader for filtration with locations on all continents. MANN+HUMMEL can look back on an eventful, long and successful company history.